An impressive business plan is usually the most essential requirement that can swing the visa case in your favor when you file under Business and Investor category programs. We are known to prepare effective business plans that are bound to get an easy approval.

We work closely with you. This is why plans designed by us not only cater to convince immigration officers but also keep in mind regulatory needs and budget of our clients. No matter if it is an established enterprise or a startup business, YCM prepares plans that accomplish positive results. We are also glad to furnish our investor clients with essential information that impel informed positive decisions of investment.

Job creation, future growth strategy, marketing plan, proposed structure of ownership, time line to start the proposed business and expected capital investment are the issues we address in business plans proposed by us, on your behalf.

We present a persuasive financial model with all figures thoroughly worked out for an easy proceed of your visa approval. Besides, we also prepare a SWOT analysis that takes into consideration weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities of your proposed business.

Our experts conduct a thorough market research of your immigration destination and proceed on the workings of the plan accordingly. With such strategic advancements, we never fail to outreach your expectations and get an approval for your business plan and eventually your visa as well