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You can enthusiastically explore the corporate market of developed countries with your own family. You will have a wonderful lifestyle and good future for you as well as you children.

Enhanced lifestyle: Living in developed countries is an entirely different story. Apart from better work
opportunities, benefits like unemployment insurance, senior pension, family allowance and universal health care assure a better social security to the immigrants with the PR status.

Climb the economic ladder easily - Common economic theory says that people are always ready to move from low-wages area to the land of high paying opportunities. The term - "Immigration" provide a perfect answer to your dilemmas. Obviously there is nothing better than exploring the brilliant opportunities offered by other countries.

Better education Highly developed educational system teamed with advanced technology prompts many people to immigrate to study abroad.

Better living conditions you may be the one who craves to live in a clean, hygienic and a pollution free environment. But there are chances that you fail to get these environmental conditions in your home country. So you would want to immigrate. Some of these factors that may force you to immigrate and lead a calm and tension-free life in other countries.

Weather conditions - You may be a lover of winters but being in a country that has summers or humid weather
almost throughout the year, can be exasperating. Immigrating to a country that has pleasant and cold weather most of the time can be a good decision.

The above-mentioned facets are certainly some of the most common and apparent reasons as to why people choose to immigrate to different countries. Our skilled consultants at YCM ensure that the client aspirations are met with brilliance, as we guide towards the appropriate application procedure, assistance with documentations, provide interview tips and answer the immigration- related queries as well.

Our visa and immigration specialists are equipped with all the know-how of the immigration industry to help our clients in the best possible way.

YCM Expertise and Knowledge

Being in the industry for so long and handling immigration cases on an everyday basis, YCM immigration consultant has a better insight into the immigration laws, In-depth knowledge and problem-solving skills for cases of immigration. YCM solve even most complicated cases with utmost ease.

Stress-free procedure - Transition to a new country is like making a fresh start in life. There are a lot of relocation stress involved in immigration. To top it all, formalities of form filling, documentation, preparation for interview and others can be a real spoilsport. You can easily transfer all these burden of immigration procedure to YCM, who would ensure correct filing and submission of your forms, compile all your documents and provide you necessary tips to clear the interview.

Rules out unnecessary delays and refusals Understanding immigration laws aren't an easy task and it is very much possible that having no knowledge, you might misinterpret any law causing errors in form filling. This may cause an outright refusal of your VISA or may cause significant delay to your case, to avoid unnecessary refusals and delays. Of your case, seeking assistance of YCM saves a lot of your precious time, energy and money. YCM keeps you informed about the latest Amendments in the immigration procedure and regulations of different countries. Adept immigration specialists keep a vigilant eye on such latest developments and make sure that necessary procedures are followed in filling and submission of your forms and documents accordingly. This eliminate refusals and delays of your VISA.

Customized Solution

All countries have their own distinct immigration procedures. However, even if there are people who wish to immigrate to the same country, there is no predefined immigration procedure that needs to be followed by them. Every immigration case has their specific complexities and formalities that may vary a little from the set procedures to get an easy visa approval. Team of immigration experts at YCM understands this and never suggests a predefined solution to all.

Our customized approach to every case assure an almost cent percent immigration success of our clients. If you are also hopeful for immigration to any country, be it UK, US, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore or any other, simply fill the form below for and we will get back to you shortly.


Settlement into a new land can be a real challenge, especially when you do not have any acquaintances there. However, when you know YCM, there is not much you need to bother about. While we may not be present at your immigration destination physically, we make our presence felt through our post-landing services that help you in smooth settlement. Given below are few of assistance services rendered by us to our immigration visa clients, after post-landing:

Airports pick up service to take you to a pre-arranged accommodation.

Counseling session regarding the job market and business environment in your immigration country.

Assistance to apply for social security card, permanent resident card, driving license, health care card and other
such country specific essential requirements

Introduction with reliable real estate broker, bank representative and franchise broker.

Help in the opening if a bank account, locker and credit card from the concerned bank.

Brief about the essential basic information, that includes taxation, housing, business, health, education, shopping
and others

Tips to deal with citizenship and sponsorship issues.

Express Your Interest and Start your immigration voyage with YCM!